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A home isn't just an assembly of bricks, it's a machine for living in and like all high performance machines it needs a mix of technical maintenance and tender loving care if it is going to continue to perform and do its job.  Failing to take care of the property will inevitably rack up bigger bills further down the line so at Property Maintenance of SW Florida we aim to balance the needs of keeping your property at its best, while saving you money, heading off any potentially serious issues, and therefore caring for your family, your clients, and your investment all in one.  To do that we provide a range of home services including all the handyman services you'd expect to make sure those niggling little minor repairs don't spiral into real problems. We can make the little alterations to improve your property including installations, repair, drywall and carpentry that help make a house a home. We can keep that pool clean and safe, and we can repair your appliances because repairs are not only cheaper but greener in this age of environmental awareness. We clean carpets not just so they look great but also to avoid allergens and pollutants building up in your home. We provide a full range of property maintenance services including home watch so you can spend your time and effort taking care of what matters most to you without having to worry about your property suffering from the ravages of time and tenants.

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