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There's more to pool cleaning than just turning up with a scrubber and a bottle of chlorine.  Keeping a pool clean and safe is a science as well as a manual job and a lot of pool owners prefer not to have to do it themselves either out of a lack of available time or a hesitancy to handle the chemicals involved. We understand that so we are there for you to take the hassle out of owning a pool so you can get on with enjoying it – which is what you wanted from it right?  We do customized plans for any type and size of pool so that you can choose exactly the service level that you want to suit your pool, your level of pool usage, and of course your budget. Then we'll schedule those pool cleaning visits to the time and day that suits you best.

Chlorine Alternatives

We find that increasing numbers of our customers want to know about alternatives to chlorine. That could be because their skin reacts to chlorine, or they just don't like the smell, or they are concerned about the risk to the environment and their family. So talk to us about non chlorine cleaning for your pool.  The alternatives include salt water systems, ultra violet systems, or a range of 'green' pool cleaning products that are now made to supply the market. We're happy to clean your pool your way.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is easily the best way to ensure that your pool surface and the surrounds are clean and clear of any slippery algae or mold that could otherwise build up and reduce your pool time pleasure. We have a range of pressure washing equipment and can tailor the pressure wash to suit your installation so that we clean as thoroughly as possible without risking any damage to more delicate surfaces or joints (we're thinking mosaic tiles for example).

Acid Washing

If you've got stains on your pool surfaces and you've given up on the idea of ever getting rid of them we may have a pleasant surprise for you. Some surfaces especially concrete or granite can acquire stains that don't disappear with normal cleaning products but with an acid wash they can be removed.  Talk to us about your pool and what it's made of and we can advise you on whether an acid wash could restore it to its full glory.

Equipment Installation and Maintenance

If you've got a pool or are thinking of having one installed you'll be aware by now that a pool isn't just a container full of water. A whole ecosystem of filters, pumps, heaters, motors, and chlorine systems is needed to keep it looking good, smelling good, and free from any potentially harmful infectants or pollutants.  We can install all of these for you and then take care of the maintenance including such tasks as taking care of those pumps and filters, replacing pool lighting bulbs, and install automated pool cleaners for you.

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