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With the pace of modern life it's little wonder that you don't have the time to get round to all those household jobs.  Even without kids and pets running around the place there are always a million little jobs to be done and if you do have kids and furry family members then it seems that it is simply impossible to keep the place clean and tidy.  So let us help. We can scale the amount of help to suit your needs and your budget and of course we schedule it to fit in with your timetable. So whether you just need a little helping hand around the place from time to time or whether you want a full top to bottom spring clean we are on hand to help out.

Bedroom and Living Room Cleaning

This is where you spend your life so it should feel clean and cared for but few of us really have the time to do it properly – when was the last time you dusted underneath your bed or sofa for example? Our cleaners will come and clean your surfaces, making sure that mirrors and glass surfaces are clean and smear free. We will hoover and dust, pick up clothing (see our washing and drying/folding services under 'Extras') and take out the garbage and recycling. We also empty and clean ashtrays and gather up toys.

Kitchen Cleaning

Cleanliness is a matter of hygiene in a kitchen so we go to town on your cooking and eating areas. That means emptying the sink and loading up the dishwasher, cleaning all the exterior surfaces of your appliances including hobs and fridge, and taking out the garbage and recycling.

We'll also mop those floors for you, cleaning up spills and leaving a gleaming clean surface.

Garage/Attic Clear Outs

It's one of those jobs that gets put off and put off again until it starts to seem to daunting to think about. So we can help with clearing out your garage and attics by doing the hard work for you. We'll pick up everything and sort it for you to look over and make the tough decisions of what gets to be kept and what gets to go. Then we'll take out the garbage, the recycling, and the give aways and help you pack away what you're going to keep. You'll be amazed by the space you save.


Some cleaning jobs are considered as extras but you'll get so much more by choosing to go that extra mile. They include cleaning the inside of appliances such as ovens, fridges, and freezers and emptying out your kitchen cabinets, cleaning them, and re packing them. We can do your laundry, dry it, and fold it and put it away if you wish - imagine having a week's worth of clothing that's good to go every week.  We can also clean all the insides of your windows leaving them gleaming and smear free to brighten up your life.

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