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The home is a machine you live in and like any machine it needs maintenance and upkeep. Few of us have the time, let alone the skills to fix all those little things that go wrong over time. Then there are the little upgrades, the extras we realize would make all the difference to life. Only we're either unsure how to fix them up or else we just never quite seem to get round to it.  Booking a day or a half day of handyman services could change all that and make your house a better machine.


Assembling furniture is meant to be straightforward but rarely is. Even flat pack furniture – theoretically the easiest to assemble of them all – frequently comes complete with confusing instructions and involves plenty of swearing and screwdriver burns to put together. Some non flat pack items, particularly beds and wardrobes can turn out to have very heavy elements that are tough to handle for one person. So save yourself all the pain and have our handy people assemble those items of furniture for you. Cabinets, beds, tables, chairs, and shelves; we assemble them all.


Fixing a TV to the wall, setting up a hi fi system, connecting your home computer to the TV and speakers – it's all supposed to be easy stuff but some of us find it confusing. We're not even going to mention the more complex stuff like multiple speaker/TV/home entertainment and gaming combinations. Not a problem for our handy folk however, who are never fazed by the array of cables, adapters, and connections required to install systems and get them to speak to each other. So if you don't know your VGA from your HDMI, or how to change a TV source, then have us hook it all up and show you how to get your system do just what it was you wanted it to do


Things break, that's life.  Doors need re-hanging, broken windows need their glass replacing and hooks come out of walls. Whether it's a hole that needs plastering, a bit of paintwork that needs touching up, cupboards that stick, or get stuck closed we can do the necessary to get your home running smoothly again. From fitting a screen door closer to stopping wobbly tables from wobbling, from sorting leaky shower heads to fixing faucets we can sort out all those little things around the house that are bugging you.

Drywall and Carpentry

Then there are the things that make a home that bit better. From installing drywall to create a new walk in wardrobe or living spaces to making and fitting custom shelves and surfaces our handymen can create new things for you. Perhaps you'd like a cat flap in your kitchen door, maybe you'd like some cabinets or mantels built for you or perhaps you're looking for a more distinguished look for the house with wainscoting, molding, and trim custom fitted to your living spaces for a classic look.  Whatever it is you're after talk to us today about having it done for you quickly and painlessly at a price you can afford. Call us today at 239-245-7203

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