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Property Maintenance of South West Florida provides a full range of property services ranging from pool cleaning through repairs and handyman work to appliance repair, carpet cleaning and home watch (see our Services page for more details). That’s a lot we can do for you and while of course the size of the job depends on the size of your property or properties we have no problem scaling up to take on the biggest jobs. However not everyone wants or needs the same level or frequency of care. While this web site should give you a pretty good idea of the kinds of things we do it doesn’t detail all our services so if you don’t immediately see what you need then get in touch. We tailor the scope of our services to fit your budget and the property’s own requirements so it’s not until we get to talk that we can put together the perfect plan for your and your property. You might have extensive carpets combined with kids and pets which adds up to a bit more need for regular cleaning to avoid allergens and the build up of harmful particles. You might have a large pool and a leaf problem to go with it. Or you might be looking at a condo with a lot of demanding tenants that create work and expect you to have it done. No problem. Call us now and we’ll put together the plan that protects your property, your family, and your investment at a price that will make you happy. Call us today at 239-245-7203

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Call us today at 239-245-7203