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Carpets should be a source of huge satisfaction every single time you walk on them. Part of the job they do however means they inevitably get soiled by simple footfall, not to mention everything that gets spilled on them. If you have children, or pets, or both in your home then you not only have twice as much cleaning on your hand, you have twice as much reason to make sure they are clean. We clean your carpets so they look their best and keep looking their best for the longest time. In the process we like to think we don't just clean your home; we improve the quality of your life.

Extend Carpet Life

Cleaning your carpet doesn't just make it look as good as new again. It also makes it last longer which in turn saves you money. The hot water extraction method we use to deep clean carpets also helps keep the fibers in shape and preserves the carpet which extends its useful life. Don't take our word for it. Ask any carpet manufacturer.


Since it is one hundred per cent inevitable that you will walk in materials from outside your house you'll see that if you think about it your carpet is a natural collection point for them. If you wash it regularly that turns it into a filter to catch and then expel allergens and other unwanted invaders. Dirt, debris, dust mites, pollen – all the things that can result in allergic responses will make their way into your carpet but with careful washing that can all be expelled which means regular and thorough carpet cleaning is a way to protect yourself and your family.

Spot Treatment

Of course we clean the whole carpet but the way we work is to prioritize those areas that are particularly soiled or stained. So first we carefully clear away all the furniture that needs to be moved, and then we start with spot treatment. Once we've cleaned those trouble spots with the right cleaner for the stain. Different stains respond better to different solutions to clean them so rather than treat the whole carpet as if every stain was the same we prefer to individually clean and remove those particular stains before we go to town on the general cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Machines

Once we've dealt with the individual stains we then move in with the hot water carpet cleaners to clean, and then dry the rest of the carpet. Although its popularly called steam cleaning it actually doesn't use steam but rather hot water which is pumped deep into the carpet to clean it thoroughly but gently before being extracted – along with all the dirt. The power of our cleaning machines combined with the professionalism of our approach ensures that your carpets will come up beautifully every time. Don't worry about delicate materials and patterns; we adapt our methods and settings to match each carpet individually because when we clean your carpets we do so with all the care you'd take yourself.

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