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Welcome to Property Maintenance of South West Florida, the professionals dedicated to making your home nicer to live in, while ensuring that your property investments are protected, cared for, and free to realize their value as they should.  We offer a complete range of property services that includes cleaning, repair, and a full scheduled home watch service. Perhaps you have a pool and it never seems to be as clean as it should, or maybe you’ve just noticed those little jobs around the house are multiplying – and while you keep meaning to get round to them you never seem to find the time. We all do it.

But with a maintenance and handyman service you never have to worry about it again. No job too big, no job too small and we tailor our services and their scope and frequency to your needs so that our services will always suit your budget. So give us a call today and let’s talk about cleaning, protecting, and improving the property that matters to you. Call us today at 239-245-7203

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Our Services

Properties vary wildly from personal homes to family spaces, commercially let units that you aim to make money on from rent, and long term investment units where the ultimate goal is to realize a serious return on your investment. Each one has its own particular needs and every one is different so we offer a wide spread of services including repairs, handyman work, home watch, and cleaning services. The following are a selection of our most in demand services but it is only to give you an idea of what we do – if you’re not sure your needs are covered than get in touch and explain what you’re after and we’ll see if we can service your needs.

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Home Services

Homes get to be a handful sometimes, especially if you’re busy holding down a job, and so is your partner. Multiply that upwards if there are children and pets in the household as well, adding to the general mess and the list of things that need to be done.  From regular kitchen cleaning to floor cleaning, or spring cleaning and attic or garage clear outs we provide the helping hand that makes it all seem livable again.

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Handyman Services

From simple task like replacing strip lights and broken windows to remodeling and repair work with dry wall installation or false ceilings we have the handymen (and handy women) on hand to do the job. We install appliances and sound systems, we assemble furniture and we undertake the carpentry jobs like putting up shelves and creating kitchen surfaces so you can fine tune the home you live in.

“Property Maintenance of SW Florida did a great job remodeling our kitchen – something I’d been promising the wife for ages but never seemed to have the time. Surfaces, shelves, concealed lighting; they did it all and they did it right.” –  Ralph S.

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Pool Cleaning

Got a pool? Great, love it. And you probably bought one of those creepy crawler pool cleaning machines and hoped that would take care of all the cleaning needs.  But while nobody is denying their usefulness it takes a bit more than that to keep a pool clean. We can assist with choosing the chemicals (including non toxic green alternatives) and we can do the specialist cleaning that comes with some pool surfaces including mosaic tile and concrete or stone elements.  Trust us, we’re the pros.

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Appliance Repair

As tempting as it is to just buy a new one when an appliance fails that approach can be a quick way to run up huge bills (and we won’t even go into the environmental issues).  Once a product is out of warranty and it fails, as it inevitably will at some point, your best bet is to call us and we’ll have a repair person check it out. We’re experts in knowing when an appliance can be put back in service by a simple component replacement and if we can’t do it on the spot we can make it happen for you at a price that’s right.

“Property Maintenance of SW Florida take care of our two homes on a home watch system. We’ve always found them quick to respond to maintenance issues and their prices are right when there’s work to be done. Very happy.” – Samantha B.

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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is about more than just looking good. Carpets are dust traps by nature and that means that they are a collecting point for allergens.  Our carpet cleaning service takes away that threat and leaves carpets looking good. We always start by spot cleaning any stains and then move on to deep heated water treatment to wash out all the dirt. You’ll be amazed how good your carpets can look.

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Property Maintenance

You’re in the property business if you so much as own a home. You might not think of it that way but you are because your property is almost certainly the single most important investment you’ve made. Of course if you really are buying and managing properties purely as investments, whether long term or for rental income, then you already know how important regular and timely maintenance is.  We offer a full home watch service to ensure that homes feel happy, tenants are satisfied, and all maintenance needs are spotted and dealt with before they can start to degrade and damage a property’s value.

“We gave Property Maintenance of SW Florida the job of keeping our tenants content and to date they’ve never missed a trick.” – Brian H.

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If it’s about home maintenance, handyman work, or full property watch services the simple answer is that we can do it. However to ensure that we have a contact book full of perfectly contented customers we find that the secret of success is tailoring the services for every customer so they get the services they need for the budget they were hoping to spend. That means on site inspection to ensure we understand the scope and scale of the job plus any special considerations. That way everyone involved can be sure the quote, and the service, will be exactly right. So call us today and let’s talk about your property.

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